How to Host a Universal Game Server

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What is a Universal Game Server?

The Universal Game Server is a universally useable, dedicated server. It can be used to host multiplayer for games.

The Universal Game Server is free to be used by developers for their own games.
Because of this, the installation process may vary depending on the game and developer.

Installing the Server

All of our servers are made to run on Linux using Java.
The Machine used in these examples is running CentOS with the 64-Bit OpenJDK.
We expect that you have experience in using a Text Terminal and working with Java and JAR files.

First, download the server setup from our site. The downloaded file will be a Java Archive (.jar) file.

You will also need a Developer Configuration, this should be provided by the game's developer.
If it is not already, rename the Developer Configuration to devcfg.json

After downloading the setup and Developer Configuration, execute it using the Java command:
java -jar universal_game_server_setup.jar

Once the setup is completed, a message including information about the installed server will be shown.
If the setup failed, the error will be shown instead.

Configuring the Server

The Setup will create multiple files used for configuring the server. Most of these configurations are only loaded once, so they should be configured before the server is started.

File Variable Name Description Example
server.json port Server Port The port used to connect to the Server. 29305
server.json owner Owner The Email of the Server Owner.
lobby.json players Player Limit The maximum amount of players allowed on the server. 20
lobby.json name Name The Name of the server. Official Reaction Limit Server 2
lobby.json iconUrl Icon URL The URL of the servers Icon. (https:// will be added automatically.)

The game.json file is created and managed by the game's developer and thus is not documented here.

Running the Server

After configuring the server to your needs, execute it using the Java command:
java -jar universal_game_server.jar

If any errors occur during execution, the Stacktrace will be printed to the console.

Moderating the Server

Most of the moderation will be done inside of the game.

If you need to manage your server's permissions and bans outside of the game you may do so by editing the player.json file.

Variable Name Description Example
admins Administrators The ID(s) of Server Administrators. 8267cea7-6d29-4c9f-823a-d9de95113da0
mods Moderators The ID(s) of Server Moderators. 8267cea7-6d29-4c9f-823a-d9de95113da0
blacklisted Blacklisted Players The ID(s) of Players that are Blacklisted. They will not be able to join the server. 8267cea7-6d29-4c9f-823a-d9de95113da0
whitelist Enable Whitelist Should the Whitelist be used? false
whitelisted Whitelisted Players If the Whitelist is enabled, only these players will be able to join. 8267cea7-6d29-4c9f-823a-d9de95113da0